At Empowered Voices we focus on communication for everyone. Whether your loved one is non or minimally speaking, we want to empower them with communication that brings forth their independence and autonomy. 

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At Empowered Voices, we support individuals of all ages with motor and sensory differences. We are educators, speech therapists and behavioral therapists trained in communication and education. As S2C Practitioners, we always presume competence. 


We coach bodies to be purposeful and obtain reliable communication. Our team is excited to begin this partnership with you and your child. Through the purposeful motor taught to successfully use the letter boards, you will be able to discover your child’s voice.

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  • We recommend weekly sessions for spelling for communication.
  • We do have bi-weekly and monthly options for families who may be semi-local.
  • How long it takes for an individual to become proficient in spelling is determined by two main factors: the complexity of their sensory-motor profile and the availability of resources, such as time, energy, and finances, to attend regular sessions and practice at home.
  • Spellers will participate in a 60 minute session where we work on your child’s individual goals. As a parent/caregiver, you will be trained as your speller’s communication regulation partner.
  • You may fill contact us further below or fill out our form 
Individual Sessions

Individual Sessions

We recommend weekly sessions for spelling for communication.

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Group Sessions





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Our story

Empowered Voices all began with a young man named Vince, who was falsely labeled low-functioning and non-verbal for 18 years. “Being a non-speaker with apraxia in a neurotypical world could be incredibly frustrating and isolating. It was like nobody understood the way my mind and body worked. It was like I was locked away without any means of escaping.” Vince was taught on a letterboard how to speak his truth and has since wanted to share this technique with everyone who is autistic and/or apraxic.


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Mimi Todd, Executive Director and S2C Practictioner

Christina Stafford, Lead Practitioner

Julianna McAleer, S2C Practitioner

Katie Todd, S2C Practitioner


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Empowered Voices takes pride in the education they provide to their students. Each case is different and requires a deep understanding of what their needs are…

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