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Our Beliefs

At Empowered Voices, we believe that:

Every person we work with deserves to have everyone around them presume competence in them.

We will always teach to the strengths of the individuals we work with, providing tools for self-efficacy and autonomy in order to access a world full of opportunities that are inclusive.

We believe that non- speaking does not mean non-thinking or lacking in intelligence.

We stand as allies with our nonspeakers, opposing ableism and any form of segregation of the neurodivergent community.

We strive to teach students in the way they learn best, allowing the most effective communication possible.

We believe traditional testing measures do not properly assess cognitive ability due to faulty assessments that do not take into account dyspraxic motor systems.

We believe that the 1st Amendment does not only apply to those with speech and that non-speakers have every right to be heard.

We believe in parent-centered teaching.